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In the picture you can see one of the most popular positions from the McDonald's menu. What is that? A shake, ice-cream or yoghurt? Unfortunately, the answer is much more shocking. Read it, but only if you have a nerves of steel!


The picture above shows us... mechanically separated chicken! It's what is used to make popular chicken nuggets.

Let me explain the creation process. What is done here is taking parts of a chicken and putting it through the machine which should mechanically separate the meat from the bone. Sadly, that doesn't happen. Everything, including bones, eyes and guts is smashed and mixed together instead. The effect is the mash you can see in the photo above. YUCK!

It gets more interesting! Since this "meat" is literally infested with bacteria, the next step is to soak it with ammonia with the purpose purpose of killing those little bastards. Hang in there. It's not over! Who would like to eat ammonia nuggets? I'm sure you don't. So in order to mask the ammonia taste, they season it with a bunch of artificial flavors. That will do it!

There is one last problem to solve. What about that pink-ish color? The solution is simple - let's dye it! Here's the final effect:


Bon apetit!

Source: docakilah.wordpress.com

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